Your Words to Describe Haiku

Qualche giorno fa, Charlotte Digregorio, ha chiesto sul suo blog che ospita gli haiku di scrittori provenienti da ogni parte del mondo, di associare una parola sola ad ” haiku”. Ecco le risposte.
Io ho usato l’ aggettivo ‘ essenziale’.
A few days ago, Charlotte Digregorio, asked on his blog that hosts the haiku writers from all over the world, to associate one word with “haiku”. Here’s the answers.
I used essential adjective.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Readers and Followers:

Below are the responses given by you to my inquiry about the first word that comes to your mind in thinking about haiku.

I received more than fifty-four responses. Some of you submitted ones that were already mentioned by others, so I am not repeating them for readers. But, we will have other posts where you can be included.

I was surprised that no one mentioned words like wisdom, heartfelt or thoughtful.

Thank you all for participating. Hopefully, in writing haiku, you will remember some of these elements of it.


  • K. Mannix– evocative
  • Alan Summers–mutable
  • Alison M. Williams–essence
  • Rick Daddario–evolutionary
  • Rachel Sutcliffe–focus
  • Maria Laura Valente–introspective
  • Joe Kirschner–insight
  • Pasquale Asprea–imagination
  • kjmunro–home
  • Maureen Sudlow–succinct
  • Barb Germiat–condensed
  • Terri L. French–contemplative
  • Elisa Allo–intimate
  • Shrikaanth K. Murthy–“perspection”– a word he coined
  • William Shehan–natural
  • Nancy Rapp–moment
  • Tricia Knoll–imagistic
  • Eva Limbach–awareness
  • Amy Losak–flow
  • mafa–freshness
  • Carole MacRury–epiphany
  • Marietta McGregor–light
  • Kerstin Park–sharing
  • Olivier…

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