Your Responses to Describing “The Art of Writing”

Charlotte Digregorio, ha chiesto sul suo blog ” Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog”, di descrivere con una sola parola, “l’arte di scrivere”. Ecco cosa hanno risposto i bloggers che hanno preso parte all’iniziativa.
Grazie Charlotte per questo post così interessante e apprezzato.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Dear Readers,


Many thanks to all for responding with your one word to describe “The Art of Writing.” A few people duplicated words, but I decided to run them anyway.


If I have forgotten to run anyone’s word, please notify me so that I can include you–though I doubt I did forget anyone! We had thirty-seven respondents. Not too shabby! Also, next time, please state your name in full, as you’d like it to appear.


Many of these words got me thinking in ways I never did before. I hope they do the same for you.


Please read the entire list below. And most of all, thank you for being loyal readers and contributors to my blog.




Charlotte Digregorio


  • release–Mikels Skele
  • communication–Alison M. Williams
  • freedom–Maria Laura Valente
  • instinctive–Rachel Sutcliffe
  • divination–Earl Keener
  • process–Marjorie Robertson
  • life–kjmunro
  • portraits–

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