Getting Used to Haiku & Senryu di Charlotte Digregorio

Un articolo meraviglioso sullo haiku e il senryu che vi invito a leggere. Un viaggio davvero emozionante tratteggiato con maestria e sapienza, dalla scrittrice americana Charlotte Digregorio.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

You can often find me speaking about haiku and senryu about three times a month somewhere. The forms are getting noticed.

When I recently spoke to the Chicago Women’s Alliance, I could tell that haiku and senryu  looked a bit strange to people when I passed out sample poems. They looked curious or even intrigued, but I must admit these poetic forms take awhile for many people to get used to.

I think people, at first, have trouble seeing them as poetic forms, until I point out common poetic devices in them, and how they evoke an emotional reaction with images that pop into the readers’ minds.

But, when I tell people that they have to imagine haiku and senryu poets like visual artists who paint a picture– only with words– they start to gain appreciation for the forms.

I don’t think most people can get hooked on haiku and…

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Questa voce è stata pubblicata da Eufemia Griffo.


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