You are a Writer, Whether or Not You Believe It

Condivido questo interessante articolo dal blog della scrittrice americana Charlotte Digregorio. Grazie Charlotte, condivido il tuo pensiero e le tue parole.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Tell yourself you are a writer and believe it. You’ll become a professional writer before long. I work more than an eight-hour day, and more than a five-day work week. I am always productive as a writer whether or not I am at my desk working. The ideas for work keep flowing, even if I am cleaning the bathtub. I think my goal as a writer, as I’ve said many times, is to share my work, so that others can enter into it. It isn’t just for my benefit.

An artist-neighbor of mine recently told me that his paintings help him express himself when his words fall short. I began to think about what he said.  Often, a particular art piece I see in a museum doesn’t speak to me, until I try to put it into words. As a writer, words help me make sense of things.

Ultimately, all…

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Questa voce è stata pubblicata da Eufemia Griffo.


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